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Paris, May 3rd, 2023

Ad Aures launches its new turnkey podcast hosting solution on castopod.com

All your podcasts online from €9.96/month

With its new no-commitment offer at €9.96 per month, Ad Aures allows creators to put an unlimited number of podcasts online, for an unlimited number of users (who can be granted specific access), within a few seconds on the castopod.com website.

Of course, this offer gives access to all Castopod features.

Intended for both amateur podcasters and experienced professionals looking for an evolving tool, Castopod allows them to publish their podcasts on all platforms (Podcast Addict, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Deezer, Google Podcasts…).

You can use your own domain name or subdomain at no additional cost.

A CDN (Content Delivery Network) service ensuring optimized distribution as close to audiences as possible is also included.

Castopod was designed to protect the freedom of creators and their audiences, by limiting intermediaries, for example by natively integrating audience measurement (IABv2 standard and OP3) and a decentralized social network (Mastodon compatible thanks to ActivityPub).

Moreover, the open-source nature of Castopod guarantees complete freedom and independence: upon request, customers can ask for a complete backup of their data and metadata (including mp3 files, listening analytics, interactions with audiences, etc.) and host their Castopod elsewhere without any functional alteration.

Finally, Castopod offers several monetization solutions, thanks to private premium podcasts, online micropayment systems and Ad Aures' cookie-free monetization offer.

Already translated into more than 20 languages, Castopod is at the forefront of innovation and comes with many “Podcasts 2.0” features, such as support for transcriptions, chapters, content geolocation, person management, and many more.

Castopod remains distributed under the free AGPL3 license on the castopod.org website.

More information is available on the castopod.org and castopod.com websites.

About Ad Aures
Specializing in AdTech and the Podcast industry, Ad Aures has been creating fair and sustainable ecosystems for all since 2020, by developing tools that increase and share value.
Ad Aures builds podcast hosting solutions with Castopod, and offers services such as automated transcription and chaptering, semantic indexing, contextual recommendation and monetization with neither cookies nor user profiling.
More information is available on adaures.com.

Benjamin Bellamy, press@adaures.com, +33 7 81 98 81 98


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